Bontebok Ridge Reserve

True free range wild boar meat can de found from Bontebok Ridge Private Reserve, which is located just outside Welington.

This +- 400 ha reserve is part of the Renosterveld Conservancy which have endangered fynbos vegetation including renosterbos, a fine leaf plant that has the subtle grey hue of the rhino – which once occurred as far south as Table Mountain. Now the Renosterveld is threatened by agriculture and the pockets of land that have not, or cannot, be worked, are now carefully conserved and the biodiversity preserved.

Surrounded by magnificent blue mountains, the Limietberg Range which guests will have the unique opportunity of experiencing a game drive, viewing Eland (the most treasured of animals in San mythology), Blue Wildebeest, Springbok, Grey Rhebuck, Sables, Bontebok, and the revived Quagga. The reserve is part of The Quagga Project, which successfully recreated the previously extinct quagga – a subspecies of the plains zebra.

The Wild Boar on the farm are truly free range as they roam on the open fields and also drink naturally from the rivers and streams. All meat is antibiotic free with the abattoir on site.

We no longer stock any products from Bontebok Ridge but will monitor the situation and reintroduce stock in the future if feasible.



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