About us

Welcome to Bay Meat Market, a boutique online meat market. The idea is simple. The world is filled with unhealthy, mass-produced, industrialised, unethically sourced meat and poultry. At some point, this will have an impact on our health, and the planet. We need to get back to the quality of the past – pre mass production. The terms free range, grass fed, organic never existed! It was real food, real meat, naturally reared.

Also, contrary to what is only available in supermarkets (only Beef/Pork/Lamb/Chicken), in South Africa we are blessed with an abundance of alternative meat such as various types of venison. You will find many different types of meat with us, including the more common options. Feel free to ask us any cooking tips regarding alternative meat.

Bay Meat Market’s aim is to find the highest quality meat sourced from the farm, and get it to as many homes as possible. We do due diligence on each farm to ensure they fit in with our ethos of good farm ethics. In addition to truly free range farms, we also look for farms that feed their animals naturally, like grass fed cows, karoo lamb, and free range chicken left to forage freely. Our new aim is to support regenerative farmers, this is critical for the future of the planet but the power to change is ultimately in the consumer’s hand.

We are based in Hout Bay but serve greater Cape Town with free delivery and selected towns and city centre nationwide. 

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We have taken the time to find farms that promote sustainability, as natural as possible, natural diets, regenerative agriculture and good ethics.


We aim to provide world-class service… we are not just in the meat industry but we also think we are in the service industry.


Excellent quality products at a reasonable cost. Our aim is to get the healthiest, tastiest meat/poultry to as many homes as possible.