Farmer Angus – free range and regenerative farmer

Farmer Angus is a farmer on a mission to change farming for the better in South Africa. Boy, do we need more farmers like him.

Accountant turned farmer, Angus McIntosh is dedicated to reviving the way farming used to be. This is before the days of mass production, industrialised,  chemical fertilisers, herbicides, antibiotics and GMO.

He runs Farmer Angus on a 126-hectare farm at the Spier Wine Estate near Stellenbosch. The farm is officially named Ezibusisweni, meaning “the place of blessings” in Zulu.

Regenerative Agriculture

Farmer Angus practices regenerative agriculture, which values the life of the animals and the land they graze on. It starts with respect for the soil.

According to McIntosh, this form of artisanal livestock farming offers a protein source that is high in nutrition and free of any hormones, antibiotics or chemicals.

“In a fast-paced society, what we eat, how it was made, and where it originated from doesn’t often cross our busy minds. Over the years farming has evolved so much to keep up with the demands of modern day living. It has resulted in the world’s food production facing a crisis,” says McIntosh.

“There is a massive disconnect from the natural world and most importantly the origin of our food source. But this is changing. Driven by the desire to return to a “non-corporatised”, non-mechanised relationship with the earth and animals. The artisan farmer is making a comeback.”

None of his meat contains gluten, MSG, GMO, nitrites, nitrates, antibiotics or hormones.

At the moment we have a limited supply of farmer Angus products, but I am happy to advise there will be a wider range in the coming months as the farms supply increases. They are currently experimenting with lamb, and already have chicken, cows and pigs on the farm.

Click here to view our limited range of Farmer Angus products



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