Greenfields Beef protocol was started in the Midlands of KZN. The home of the company still resides up there, and the 1400 hectare farm still produces amazing quality, Free Range beef to this day. They have a partner in the Western Cape, Fairfields Farm out in Napier.

Click here to access the full range of Beef available using the Greenfields Protocol from Fairfields Farm.

What is the Greenfields Protocol?

As there is no branding for grass fed meat in South Africa, Greenfields down in KZN wrote their own protocol against which they and Fairfield farm are audited.

Under the Greenfield’s protocol, 5% of the cow’s bodyweight is permitted to be supplemented by grasses such as hay and grass seed grown by the farmer on his own land during times of winter or drought. There is one cow per hectare of land and calves are kept with their mothers as long as possible.

We do not feed our cattle and feed grade antibiotics, or given them any growth promoting hormones. Although our farm is not ‘certified’ organic, we make our own compost to feed the lands and soil health and grass production are as important to us as the cattle that graze the lands.

We produce only as much beef as our farmland can sustain, in the hope that our quality and service make up for the smaller production.

Producing the best quality grass fed beef is our mission and passion. We trust you will appreciate and enjoy all of these good things when you prepare and taste our beef”

Greenfields protocol 

In order for beef to be sold as Greenfields Free Range Beef the following protocol is followed:

  • The animals must be able to range freely over large camps/pastures with unlimited access to grass and fresh water at all times.
  • The animals are grass-fed. In harsh circumstances supplementation is necessary but this supplementation is naturally conserved hay or silage. Grain may not exceed 5% of the total dry matter intake over the lifetime of the animal.
  • No animal by-products are allowed
  • No growth hormones, steroids, or stimulants are allowed
  • Greenfield’s beef adheres to the four pillars of free-range ethics:
    • Free access to food and fresh water in large camps/pastures.
    • Freedom from sickness and disease
    • Freedom from pain and suffering
    • Freedom to express natural behaviour.



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