Het Goedgeloof Free Range Pasture Raised Pork denotes free range, pasture raised pork, with all the advantages of environmental considerations, humane treatment of the animals and the flavour and health benefits to consumers that this entails. The farm is situated just outside Montagu.

Het Goedgeloof Pork subscribes to the following core values in their production.

All pigs are:
• Able to range in open fields or paddocks
• Kept at stocking densities that enable access to forage and grazing
• Able to interact with the herd and to carry out natural behaviours
• Not kept in cages, crates or stalls
• Not kept in densely confined production systems or feedlots
• Protected from predation
• Fed to meet their nutritional needs as well as production requirements
• Inspected daily
• Not ill-treated
• Raised in accordance with the five animal freedoms.

Our pigs are able to range in open fields or paddocks
All pigs have daytime access to paddocks and stocking intensity is monitored and adjusted to ensure that forage is always available for the animals in anactively managed rotational grazing system.

Our pigs are kept at stocking densities that enables access to forage and grazing. Pigs mostly have access to pasture and/or forage in an environment that encourages them to make purposeful use of the range area. Stocking densities do not exceed 100 grower pigs per hectare.

Our pigs are able to interact with the herd and to carry out natural behaviours Pigs are not kept or confined on their own unless necessary for short term medical treatment. The range area provides conditions that allow foraging,rooting and wallowing.

Our pigs are not kept in cages, crates or stalls
Pigs are free to forage and explore in pastured paddocks without the restraint of cages, sows stalls, farrowing crates or pens. Housing provides easy access to the range by all pigs and provides protection from the sun, wind and inclement weather.

Our pigs are not kept in densely confined production systems or feedlots
See the heading about stocking density above. Our pigs are not kept in densely confined production systems or feedlots.

Our pigs are protected from predation
The paddocks offers as much protection from all predators as practicable. Fencing is designed to exclude feral animals and provide protection from predators.

Our pigs are fed to meet their nutritional needs as well as production requirements
Pigs receive a balanced diet from a range of feed ingredients to meet their nutritional needs. Although pasture is provided, pigs are also provided with sufficient food supplements, in sufficient quantity, to provide for their nutritional needs and to keep them in good physical condition and health. No banned substances, animal protein, swill, growth promoters, routine antibiotics or contaminants are provided to the animals. Clean, fresh water is available at all times. Feeders and waterers are sufficient in number to avoid bullying and competition for feed and water.

Our pigs are inspected daily
All pigs are inspected daily in order to ensure their physical condition and health and to ensure that psychological distress is kept to a minimum.

Our pigs are not ill-treated
Pigs are not subjected to tail docking, teeth clipping or nose ringing.

Our pigs are raised in accordance with the five animal freedoms
In summary, Het Goedgeloof pigs are treated in accordance with the internationally recognised animal freedoms:
• Freedom from hunger or thirst by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour
• Freedom from discomfort by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area
• Freedom from pain, injury or disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment
• Freedom to express normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind
• Freedom from fear and distress by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.

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