We are a boutique online meat market. We are doing our best to bring a ‘butcher experience’ online. We source all products directly from farms/butcheries. Click here to see a list of farms and brands. We are also on a mission to only stock farms that practice regenerative agriculture.

Below is answers to most frequently asked questions.

80% of products are delivered fresh. If frozen it is advised in the product description.

Certain specialty items/cuts may take a week or two to be delivered, it is advised in the product description.

For same week delivery, please order before 15h00 Wednesday – but bear in mind certain specialty products take longer, always advised in the product description. Also, note there could be restrictions during public holidays and busy periods like Christmas and New Year. The safest is to plan ahead by 1 week.


It is impossible to get many cuts to the exact weight displayed online. eg 1kg of Brisket will be slightly different every single time. The process will work as follows.

  1. Place your order as normal, with your chosen weights for each product, and receive an email confirmation. eg 1kg of Beef Brisket
  2. You will be advised of a delivery day/time.
  3. The day before delivery, your order will be updated via email with the exact weights and costs. Weights could vary to be 5% under and up to 10% over on certain items. eg 900g – 1.2kg Beef Brisket.
  4. You will have the choice to EFT before delivery (immediate clearance only) or simply swipe your Visa/Mastercard on delivery, or use Snapscan on delivery. We can also send a secure online payment link via YOCO.


Delivery is to all suburbs in Cape Town, Northern/Southern – everywhere in greater Cape Town. For Winelands areas or Somerset West, please contact us we are occasionally in the area but there will be a delivery fee of R85. If we can get a few orders from these outside towns we could look at one free delivery per month.

Delivery days are Tuesday to Friday – but do not forget for same week delivery please order before 15h00 Wednesday. The logistics of sourcing produce from various farms in the Western/Eastern Cape means we need at least a day.

We do NOT supply any mass produced, feedlot meat. Only grass fed cows, naturally reared/pasture reared animals, and truly free range (not the supermarket free-range). All farms are listed here – we do not get meat from anywhere else.

We are doing our best to support farms that practice regenerative agriculture. This is the future of farming! It is a win-win for everyone involved, from the farmer, to saving the planet, humane treatment of animals, and finally to the consumer who gets extremely healthy meat. There is only one way to shift all farming to regenerative agriculture, it is in the hands of the consumer.

We follow all suggested health protocols regarding COVID19 during delivery, mainly wearing a mask, sanitising hands for each delivery and social distancing as much as possible

Please feel free to contact us if you any other questions:

[email protected]