How to cook Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are beautiful, small eggs that taste very similar to chicken. However, there is sometimes a mystery that it is difficult to cook – so we will debunk this by showing you how simple it is to cook quail eggs.

The uses for these eggs are endless, there is just so much you can do with quail eggs. Salads, soups, stews, tapas – your imagination is the limit.

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How to cook Quail Eggs

Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes


  • Boil a kettle of water
  • In the meantime, get your saucepan on the heat – medium high
  • Pour the boiled water into the saucepan. Wait for the water to boil, but not vigorous boil, just a rolling boil.
  • Get your timer ready
  • Add quail eggs to the water using large slotted spoon or even a bowl, depenodng how many eggs you are adding
  • Start the timer as soon as the eggs it the water
  • 2 minutes and 20 secinds will give you soft boil eggs, up to a maximum of 4 minutes will give you results you see in the picture – hard boiled eggs.
  • Once you carefully remve the eggs using a slotted spoon, place them in cold water immedaely.
  • Once cooled, peel eggs very gently taking care not to break them. I usually start by gently cracking the eggs with a butter knife or teaspoon – gently.
  • Voila! Stunning cooked quail eggs.



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