How to make Beef Tallow

It is actually very easy to make your own Beef Tallow. It can be used for general cooking, it keeps for quite some time and has a very high smoke point.

It is also a much healthier option compared to vegetable oils, so can be used for deep frying especially.

You need to purchase Beef Suet. This is Beef organ fat. We sell Minced Beef Kidney Fat, which is perfect. Click here to purchase. Grass Fed and Truly Free Range.

All you need here is a pot with a lid and the Suet. That is it. Some people say you should add water, to prevent burning. If it’s burning, your oven is set too high and it makes it complicated afterward as you need to boil it off.

  1. If the Suet is frozen, let it thaw in the fridge the day before and it does not need to be room temperature, but cool is fine.
  2. Pre Heat the oven to 110C
  3. Place the Minced Beef Kidney Fat in the pot, close the lid
  4. Place in the oven for about 3 – 4 hours. Give it a stir after about 90 minutes.
  5. You know when it’s done – just look at it and you will see when the fat has rendered. Minimum 3 hours.
  6. Get a big strainer and strain the tallow.
  7. Package into containers you wish to use. It will keep for about 6 months in the fridge, but even if you leave it out it will last for about 2 months at least, but quite sure you will finish it by then!

TOP TIP: When it comes to cleaning and disposing of, rather wait for it to turn solid and then dispose of the tallow. Running the liquid down the drain means you run the risk of it turning solid at a certain point in the pipes.



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