Karoo Lamb Farms – KMOO

All our lamb bear the stamp of Karoo Meat of Origin (KMOO). This is traceable to the farm that certifies it is indeed from a Karoo Lamb Farms.

Karoo Lamb farms are hands down the best lamb in South Africa. It is one of the culinary jewels of the country and should be treated as such. Like Champagne in France, Karoo Lamb farms have the potential to become an icon in the global lamb industry. Read my full article about why Karoo Lamb is special.

Karoo Lamb features:

  • Free Range guaranteed Karoo Lamb direct from the farmer
  • Unique Karoo Lamb flavour
  • Free roaming on indigenous Karoo veld
  • Traceable to farm of origin
  • No added antibiotics or hormones
  • Consistent excellent quality
  • Complies with good stockmanship and animal welfare practices

KMOO is a brand name with an accredited certification system enforced by the South African Meat Industry Company (SAMIC).

The system audits farms, abattoirs, deboning and process facilities as well as retail outlets selling Karoo meat of origin.

Certified carcasses can be identified by the roll mark/stamp on the meat and can be traced back to the farm of origin with a traceability code.

These farms are inspected to ensure that six specific scrubs grow on the farm. The farmer practices organic-farming methods and that all animals are free ranging.

The scrubs give the Karoo meat and products their unique and distinctive taste. It has been known for centuries to be the best-quality lamb and mutton, ensuring a taste fantasy not soon forgotten.

Karoo Meat of Origin

Karoo meat of origin is top quality Karoo lamb with a great dependency on external factors like weather conditions and especially rain. If a lamb is not free range and antibiotic-free it is not available as a Karoo lamb. This makes our lamb a truly unique and exclusive product of the Karoo.

South Africa does not have official certification which relates to organic produce. Karoo Lamb would naturally fall into this category as the sheep feed on the indigenous shrubs in the arid Karoo. We are so blessed for this, to have this high quality and natural, healthy lamb right at our doorstep.

It does not get more free range, natural, organic than Karoo Lamb!

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