Limpopo Crocodile Farm

UPDATED: 3 August 2021

We currently do not stock the below product but will relook at it in the future.

At the moment we only sell smoked, sliced 80g packs of crocodile meat which we source through Le Bonheur.

The meat gets processed up north on a sustainable Nile Crocodile breeding farm in Limpopo, where all our meat and skins comes from. The tail fillets gets packaged and blast-freezed on the bone, and then sent down to us in the Western Cape. We fillet it on site at Le Bonheur, and then it gets sent off to Van der Kooij Slaghuis in Paarl, where it gets smoked, sliced and packaged in 80gr vacuum sealed packages. It’s a lovely white meat, full of protein and low in cholesterol, and lower in sodium than beef or chicken

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