Can I Freeze my Steak?

The simple answer to this is yes, but just follow some basic rules and you can freeze your steak without losing quality.

How long can I freeze meat for?

This all depends on your cut, the longest is 6 months for the primal cuts, but what most of us have at home is our steaks already cut and this is 4 months maximum. Mince is even shorter at 3 months.

Everything depends on what happens to the water that is naturally in meat. How you freeze and defrost is important. So let’s take a closer look.

How to freeze your steak

Always try and get your meat vacuum sealed, this is the best way to freeze it. It must also be frozen as quickly as possible. The slower the freeze takes, the higher the risk of subjecting your meat to freezer burn.

When meat is frozen slowly, the water in it turns to ice crystals that grow large and can cause damage upon thawing.

But when meat is frozen rapidly, much smaller ice crystals are created. This results in less water loss when thawing and means your steak won’t have that mushy texture from slow freezing.

Yes, most of us don’t have the luxury of blast freezers, but we can make sure our beef is sealed well and get it in the deep freeze ASAP to avoid freezer burn and drying out too much in the process.

If frozen meat has defrosted, refreezing is not recommended unless it is cooked first.

Freezing cooked beef

Freezer storage times for cooked meats are shorter (approx 2-3 months) than raw meat due to what’s known as flavour taint. This is the outcome of certain flavours oxidising in the freezer after a period of time.

The same as your raw beef, your cooked beef should be sealed well to avoid freezer burn and potential flavour loss.

All in all, you can absolutely freeze your favourite cuts of beef at home so they keep for longer. Just make sure you have taken all the precautions.

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